Medical Insurance
Underwritten by: Hong Kong Life Insurance Limited
Appointed Insurance Agency: Chong Hing Bank Limited, CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited and OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited

Fit-U Hospital Income Benefit (The "Benefit")1 provides cash payment to the Life Insured in case of hospitalization. It helps to relieve the financial burden on medical expenses due to accidents or sicknesses. Since the Benefit offers fixed amount benefit, it will not be affected even the Life Insured has enrolled any other insurance plans. The Benefit is yearly renewable up to aged 65 of the Life Insured during the Benefit Term of the Basic Plan. Renewal Premium is not guaranteed and will be calculated according to the Life Insured's attained age and premium rates upon renewal.

While the Benefit is in force and prior to aged 65 of the Life Insured during the Benefit Term of the Basic Plan, if the Life Insured is confined as an in-patient in a Hospital due to Injury or Sickness, a daily hospital income will be paid. Hospital confinement for a continuous 24 hours' period will be counted as 1 day. The maximum number of days per Disability is 1,000 days.

If the Life Insured is confined in an Intensive Care Unit, an extra hospital income will be paid. The maximum number of days per Disability is 90 days.

In the case where hospital confinement of the Life Insured occurs in places other than Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the amount payable for each Day of Confinement will be limited to 50% of the amount of Daily Hospital Income.

  1. The Benefit shall terminate automatically: (1) if and when the Benefit expires; or (2) if and when the Basic Plan terminates; or (3) if and when a premium remains unpaid at the end of Grace Period as specified in the General Provisions; or (4) on the Policy Anniversary on or immediately following the Life Insured's 65th birthday. Hong Kong Life reserves the right to cancel the Benefit at any time by giving 30 days' notice in writing to the Policyowner.

The Benefit shall not cover any claims caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, by any one of the following occurrences:

  1. any hospitalization or charges incurred as a result of any Pre-existing Condition or illness the symptoms of which first occurred prior to or within 30 days following the Issue Date, date of endorsement or date of any reinstatement of the Benefit, whichever is later;
  2. suicide or self-inflicted Injuries while sane or insane;
  3. war whether declared or undeclared or any act thereof, invasion, civil commotion, riots or any warlike operations;
  4. service in the armed forces in time of declared or undeclared war or while under orders for warlike operations or restoration of public order; or violation or attempted violation of the law or resisting arrest or participation in any brawl or affray;
  5. engaging in or taking part in (a) driving or riding in any kind of race; (b) professional sports; (c) underwater activities involving the use of breathing apparatus; (d) flying or other aerial activity except as a fare-paying passenger in a commercial aircraft;
  6. Injury or Sickness sustained whilst the Life Insured is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and treatment in connection with addiction to drugs or alcohol;
  7. routine physical examinations, health check-ups or tests, rest cure, sanatorium care, vaccinations, immunization injections, preventive medication or any treatment which is not Medically Necessary;
  8. dental treatment or eye examinations, dentures, glasses or hearing aids or the fitting of any thereof, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, except and to the extent that any of such treatment is necessary for the cure or alleviation of Injury to the Life Insured;
  9. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection (except and to the extent that such infection occurs through an accidental cut or wound) and/or any HIV-related illness including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and/or any mutations, derivations or variations thereof; venereal diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, sterilization or psychiatric treatment; mental or nervous diseases or disorder including but not restricted to anorexia nervosa, anxiety, depression, mania, neurosis, paranoid, psychosis and schizophrenia; congenital deformities and anomalies that gives rise to signs or symptoms, or is diagnosed before the Life Insured reaches age 14;
  10. childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion;
  11. treatment or surgery for tonsils, adenoids or hernia until the Life Insured has been continuously covered under the Benefit for a period of 120 days immediately preceding such treatment or surgery.


Exchange Rate Risk

If the Policy Value and premium of the Plan are calculated in USD, all benefit amount will be presented in USD. If the benefit amount is received in terms of HKD, it is subject to the exchange rate between USD and HKD as determined by Hong Kong Life at the time of payment. Due to the potential fluctuation of the exchange rate, if USD depreciates substantially against HKD, the benefit value (calculated in HKD) of the Policy may be substantially decreased; if USD appreciates substantially against HKD, the premium (calculated in HKD) of the Policy may be substantially increased.

Credit Risk of Issuer

The Plan is issued and underwritten by Hong Kong Life. Your Policy is subject to the credit risk of Hong Kong Life. In the worst case, you may lose all the premium paid and benefit amount.

Inflation Risk

When reviewing the values shown in the Insurance Proposal, please note that the cost of living in the future is likely to be higher than it is today due to inflation.

The above information is for reference and is applicable within Hong Kong only. For terms and conditions, please refer to the policy document. If there is any conflict between the above information and the policy document, the latter shall prevail. The copy of the policy document is available upon request. Before applying for the insurance plan, you may refer to the contents and terms of the policy document. You may also seek independent and professional advice before making any decision.