How to prepare for your ideal retirement? Use our retirement savings calculator to plan for the ensuing chapters of your fabulous life! Act now!

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Personal Information
Years for retirement
Target retirement age
Estimated number of years after retirement
Expected monthly expenses
after retirement HK$
(Based on current living standard)
MPF/Provident Fund
Monthly MPF / Provident Fund contribution
by you and your employer HK$
Current accumulated value of
your MPF / Provident fund HK$
Savings/Investment for Retirement
Current accumulated value of
savings / investment HK$
Expected Return Rate
Average savings/investment return rate
per annum before retirement
Average savings/investment return rate
per annum after retirement
Average rate of return on
MPF / Provident fund per annum
Expected average inflation rate per annum
    Required monthly expenses
    The total retirement fund required
    You could consider to save the following amount monthly to achieve your target


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