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The Pressure of Modern Lifestyle
Makes Health Issues Unavoidable

Which puts you constantly in a state of
“suboptimal health” having
headaches, tiredness, insomnia ...
and these might develop into
serious illness

3 Most Fatal Illnesses in Hong Kong

Source: Center for Health Medical Protection, Department of Health, HKSAR (2017)

Cancer is Particularly Worrying

3 Most Fatal Cancers in Hong Kong

1st 2nd 3rd
Male Colorectal Cancer Lung Cancer Prostate Cancer
Female Breast Cancer Colorectal Cancer Lung Cancer
>30,000people are
diagnosed with
cancer in Hong
Kong each year
in every
17 minutes

The risk of cancer increases with our age

1% Age: 0-19
9% Age: 20-44
39% Age: 45-64
51% Age: ≥65

2007-2016 age distribution of newly diagnosed cancer cases

Source: Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority (2016)

What Do You Need Most When Illness Strike

Professional &
Reliable Medical Care
Hefty Medical Expenses HK$
Colectomy (Colorectal Cancer) $151,3721
Lumpectomy (Breast Cancer) $38,8741
3 weeks Medication for Terminal
Breast Cancer
Worrying how to pay the bill
Long Term Recuperation
with Peace of Mind
Loss of Income HK$
Median Monthly Income for
Monthly Household Expenses
(Private housing sector) including:
Housing $14,876 Transportation $2,849
Dining Out $5,641 Food $2,684
Sundries $5,967 Others $4,712
Family expenses budget will be stricken
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  3. Median monthly employment earnings of employed persons by occupation of main employment, Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR(2017)
  4. Household Expenditure Survey, Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR (2016)

Public Medical Resources Are Always in High Demand

Waiting Time for Stable New Case Bookings at Specialist Out-patient Clinics5:

Gynaecology:6-16 months
Medicine:8-24 months
Eye:3-25 months

Resource Allocation for Public Medical Services:

Medical inpatient bed occupancy rate6
Max 120%
Nurse-to-bed ratios7
1:11 (morning and afternoon shift)
1:23 (night shift)

Delays in treatment can worsen your health. Can you afford to wait?

  1. Hospital Authority (Jan 2019)
  2. Hospital Authority (Jan 2019)
  3. Manpower survey for winter’s severe flu season, Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff (Jan 2018)

Private Medical Services Offer Comprehensive Facilities
and Reliable Services

Rising medical costs is a burden for most people

2009-2018 Room Charges at Private Hospitals

Increases in the past 10 years8

Private Room
Semi-private Room
Standard Ward
2009-2018 Charges for
Medical Services

Increases in the past 10 years9

Medical Services

With overall medical costs skyrocketing, the charges for treatments are hard to anticipate.

  1. Service rate card from different hospitals (2009-2018)
  2. Composite Consumer Price Index, Census and Statistic Department, HKSAR (2009-2018)

New Medical Technologies and Treatments Bring in New Hope


M6 Cyberknife
Reduce surgery time & thus radiotherapy side effects

- $450,00010

Hepatitis C

3-DAA Treatment
An oral combination therapy, with response rates by 97%

(3-month therapy)

Aortic Stenosis

Minimally invasive surgical procedure avoids traditional Thoracotomy surgery, and thus reduces damage


New treatments offer faster
recovery and less harm
More expensive

2009-2018In the past 10 years,
medication costs
increased by11

Will you opt for traditional treatments with slower recovery and
more side effects?

  1. Reference on the service charges of public and private hospitals, including Queen Mary Hospital,
    Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, and Baptist Hospital.
  2. Composite Consumer Price Index, Census and Statistic Department, HKSAR (2009-2018)

Group Medical Insurance Provided By Your Employer
Cannot Fully Cover Your Medical Expenses

Private Room

Copayment 34%

Group medical benefits
cover 66%

Semi-private Room

Copayment 24%

Group medical benefits
cover 76%

Standard Ward

Copayment 25%

Group medical benefits
cover 75%

You will be out of the group medical coverage upon your resignation or retirement

Source: The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers Medical Claim Statistics, 2016

Case Sharing

Mr. Wong

40 years oldSenior manager of a
trading company
Married with 2 children

  • Has enough life insurance coverage for his family
  • Mr. Wong is a busy executive used to work under pressure, with minor health issues like tension, headaches and insomnia
  • Recently, a former classmate underwent cancer treatment in hospital at great cost, making Mr. Wong realized that he needs more comprehensive medical Medical Protection
  • In the event that he were hospitalized, he could have reimbursement to lessen his financial burden
  • Mr. Wong has already been covered by his employer’s group medical plan, but he hopes to make up for the potential shortfall with a private insurance plan
  • Mr. Wong could consider Hong Kong Life’s Medical and Dread Disease Plan, in order to enjoy comprehensive Medical Protection
  • This example is not intended to constitute a recommendation or advice. Please do not rely solely on this example to make application decision. Before applying insurance plan, you may also seek independent and professional advice.

Medical Medical Protection Plan

  • Reimbursement for hospital expenditures, so you don’t need to worry about huge medical expenses
  • Fills the gap left by your company’s group medical plan
  • Offers comprehensive protection items with sufficient coverage
  • Additional hospital income plan offers cash benefits when you were hospitalized

Dread Disease Plan

  • Choose the Medical Protection amount that suits your needs
  • Receive a lump-sum compensation once you are diagnosed with critical illness which is covered by the plan
  • Use this compensation to pay for any excessive medical expenses
  • Or use the compensation to pay for non-medical expenses, such as everyday bills or rehabilitation charges

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Plan ahead and let our professional team to conduct a detail financial needs analysis for you, to ensure you have enough medical and dread diseases Medical Protection for you and your loved ones.

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