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Everyone Longs for a Fulfilling Life...

In life’s long winding journey, you work hard for the happiness of your family and loved ones,
now and in the future.

There could be mishaps


Accidents Happen Every Day...

116 cases a day1
43 cases a day2
98 cases a day3
2 accidental
per day4

Were you to encounter an accident, who would look after the future of
your family and loved ones?
Mishaps are beyond our control, indeed.

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  2. Hong Kong Police Force, HKSAR government (2018)
  3. Occupation Safety & Health, Labour Department, HKSAR government (2017)
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Have You Ever Thought About...

If misfortune befell you, not only would your family suffer the loss of their loved one, but also...

Loss of Income

Vanishing of your financial support

Unexpected Expenses

Substantial cash outlays on funeral arrangements

Financial Burden

Difficulties in repaying the mortgage, possibly losing their residence

Distressed Future

Budget disruption in children’s education and retirement support

Case Sharing: Ideal Protection

Andy and Peter, both aged 35 years, and both married with one daughter. As they are travelling overseas together, a car accident happens...

Andy is covered by
a life insurance plan

It pays out a death
benefit of
HK$4 million.
His family gets the necessary support from this HK$4 million benefit.

Peter is not covered by
any life insurance plan

He left behind only
in cash.
His family spends much of the sum for funeral arrangements. They have to face the loss of their breadwinner.

Even if accidents occur over the course of your life, life insurance helps fulfil your goal of protecting your family.

The Deepest Love Comes from the Most Caring Protection

A comprehensive protection plan can also provide...


Provides guaranteed cash value and constant returns


A perfect saving tool for your future

How would you provide an ideal protection for the future of your loved ones?

Have You Prepared Sufficient Protection for Your Family’s Future?

If a tragedy were to happen, what they need would be...

Emergency Assistance

A one-off cash compensation to cover their urgent needs

Support for Daily Living

Financial coverage for the family to maintain their everyday needs

You should know...

It has been reported that, on average, each person needs HK$2,540,000 in life insurance protection.

If you have children to care for, that number might rise to HK$6,530,000.

However, most Hong Kong people have life protection of just HK$670, 000 on average.

Think about it – how long your protection for your family would last?

  1. Ming Po News on 28 Jan 2019

Do You Have Sufficient Coverage?

Fill in the following items to find out your ideal protection amount.

Monthly Family Living Expenses6
Expected Years to Maintain these Expenses
Total Debts7
Total Asset Amount8
Expected Average Annual Inflation Rate

Ideal Life Protection Amount


No one can foresee the unknown, so start preparing to protect your family as early as possible!

  1. Including all expenses such as living costs, mortgage repayments and children’s tuition fees.
  2. Including the outstanding mortgage loans on your property, car loans, personal loans, savings earmarked for your children’s education fund and funeral expenses etc.
  3. Including life protection amount, cash, bank savings, stocks and bonds etc.

Case Sharing

Mr. Cheng

37 years old accountantMarried with a 10 year old sonMonthly salary: HK$75,000

Financial state:
  • About HK$1 million time deposit
  • Mortgaged property with HK$3 million outstanding repayment
  • Monthly family expenses of about HK40,000
  • Mr. Cheng has a medical insurance plan but no life insurance plan.
  • Mr. Cheng is the family’s sole financial support, while his wife is a full-time homemaker.
  • A one-time cash compensation to his family if he passes away.
  • An amount large enough to pay off the mortgage and yet still be used as an emergency fund.

Mr. Cheng could consider using Hong Kong Life’s life insurance plan to:

  • Provide proper protection for his family.
  • Grow his wealth steadily.
  • This example is not intended to constitute a recommendation or advice. Please do not rely solely on this example to make application decision. Before applying insurance plan, you may also seek independent and professional advice.

Case Sharing

Details of Mr. Cheng's plan: Life insurance plan to protect his family’s future

Policy Owner and Life Insured: Mr. Cheng
Sum Assured: HK$6 million
Premium Payment Term: 10 Years
Monthly Premium: HK$15,811.38
Total Premium Paid: HK$1,897,366
Total Surrender Value at Age 65: HK$3,647,718
  • This example uses Perfect 10 Whole Life Protector plan for illustration.
  • The policy is automatically terminated when it matures or is surrendered.
  • The surrender value amounts to the guaranteed cash value plus non-guaranteed accumulated dividend and interest (if any) and non-guaranteed termination dividend (if any), after deducting policy loan (if any). The actual amount received may be higher or lower than the estimated amount
  • This example is not intended to constitute a recommendation or advice. Please do not rely solely on this example to make application decision. Before applying insurance plan, you may also seek independent and professional advice.

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Life insurance plan is a lifelong commitment to your loved ones.
Will your plans show them how much you care, even when you can no longer be with them?
Let our professional team do an analysis for your financial needs today.

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